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Submissions to Encyclopedia


The Encyclopedia seeks submissions from all who wish to contribute. We encourage students at all levels, professional academics, and all members of the public to submit an article. Please send all submissions via mail or email to the Rutland Historical Society through the contact us.


The Encyclopedia seeks two types of topics: Specific Topics and Subject Essays.


Specific Topics:

These should be articles on specific people, events, locations, businesses, buildings, etc. These articles should be no longer than 300 words.

Click here to see attached list for examples of specific topics.

Subject Essays:

These should be articles on general issues or themes. They should be broad in scope and cover the full chronology of the subject. These articles should be no longer than 1000 words.

Click here to see attached list for examples of subject essay topics.

Submission Requirements:


Word Limits:

Please note that the word limits are suggested limits and exist to ensure that the material is fact-checked, edited and published in a timely manner.


Site Your Sources:

Each article should have a listing of sources that you used for the article. The format for such listings is as follows:

•  Books: Author (last name, First name). Title (in Italics) . Publisher, year published.

•  Example : Smith, John. A History of Baxter Street. The Rutland Historical Society, 1976.

•  Articles: Author (last name, First name). "Title of article (in Quotes)", Title of Publication (in Italics), date published.

•  Example : Smith, John. "Growing Up on Baxter in the 60's." Rutland Herald, April 14, 2002.


Encourage Further Exploration:

Please list any other resources that may be of interest to the reader. Feel free to include web links, citations to books, magazines or other resources.


Extra Material:

Should you wish to have specific photographs, sounds or moving images associated with your article please indicate as such in your submission.


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